Hi there! I’m Kate, and this blog is a documentation of my journey to lose 100 lbs following a Whole Food Plant-Based No-Oil lifestyle.

To give you an idea of where I’m starting on my journey I am pre-diabetic, with high fasting blood glucose above 100 mg/dL. And at my last testing in September 2018 my fasting triglycerides were 377 mg/dL (for reference a healthy range is under 150). My highest recorded weight was 225 lbs (102 kgs). In February of 2019 I was also diagnosed with symptomatic gallstones (I’m also hoping food and lifestyle changes will allow me to avoid gallbladder surgery).

I’m 34 years old, and to put it bluntly I’ve felt like crap for a good long while, and I’m pretty much fed up with feeling this way. I honestly can’t wrap my head around the concept that most “health” providers have expressed to me that this is just your reality now, so get used to it. I’ve decided to take responsibility for my choices and make deep and lasting change in my life.

I started this site in addition to my Instagram to help with accountability and here I’ll also be documenting my food choices, exercise habits, and anything else I’ve found useful or interesting in the hopes of helping others on a similar journey to health.

Let food be they medicine, and medicine be thy food.